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Yes, many of those actions have been covert, but W Bush, with the creation of Citizen's United, made our country's corporate ownership overt. They care not about global warming, unless they can make a dollar from it.As long as - Love your Newscope blog and interpretations of our political events.– In Trump’s top five astro-events, couldn't this progressed Moon event also represent women in the family? In general, the progressed Moon doesn’t act like the natal Moon and the key phrases we usually associate with the Moon.

This intense configuration (similarly aligned with the U. Scorpio Ascendant) describes the three years of congressional, bipartisan wrangling that went into fashioning what Reagan called the “fair share tax plan”.

These overlapping cycles make this age particularly noteworthy for most people.

Many begin retirement, while others have found a niche and want to keep going.

I have read on numerous blogs that the upcoming Pluto/Saturn conjunction will mean conservative power, government, etc. Some astrologers have interpreted this to mean that the GOP and possibly Trump will win re-election in 2020. I've written previously about how progressed Lilith is in the US 12th house and with Mars, both being opposed by the progressed Midheaven, and squared by transiting Pluto.

However, the past 9 months of the Trump administration has been anything but conservative and seems more like a radical repudiation of our constitution and past governmental norms and institutions. Read the most recent entry on this subject here: I'm fascinated with your mention of Black Moon Lilith’s influence on the US (guns and sexuality), as well as her influence on Israel.

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